The Board

Dedicated to changing the lives of individuals with specials needs by creating inclusive experiences.

Patrick Fawcett


Entrepreneur, Business owner, Community leader and special needs advocate. Father and Founder of the L.I.A.M Foundation, looking to support children and adults with special needs navigate life as part of a community. Working together with various grass roots organizations to make direct impacts in the needs of special needs families and individuals in our local communities. Developing models that can be recreated internationally.

Patricia Fawcett


Patricia Harren Fawcett Co Founder and Liam’s mother. Dr. Harren is Clinical Director of Abdominal Organ Transplant at Columbia University in New York where she has a clinical practice specializing in liver disease and transplant.

Joseph Virgilio

Vice President
Joseph Virgilio is currently a Compliance Officer in the Financial Services industry. He served in the US Navy and is a veteran of the Gulf War. He is an active member of his community and an original LIAM Foundation board member.

Bob Petterson

Vice President

Being in a leadership position at the YMCA is extremely rewarding. Our YMCA offers so many programs to children and families of all ages which makes our community stronger.
One of my favorite initiatives is providing programs to children and adults with special needs…specifically our work with the LIAM Foundation”. We truly make a difference in lives by providing children with special needs with an inclusion program for summer day camp. It is so impactful to see kids come to camp each day and be given the support they need to navigate the camp day. Parents can leave them knowing they are safe, happy and well adjusted. The partnership with the LIAM Foundation is incredible and something that I will cherish forever.

Rainer Lehmann

Rainer Lehmann is currently CFO and member of the Executive Board of Sartorius AG. He is an active member of his community and original LIAM Foundation Board member.


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